An Evolution in Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health Practitioner Training

The London based ICCHP has redefined mind body therapeutics for the 21st century, offering our students a real evolution in mind body health and hypnotherapy training. Our team, made up of some of the most experience and qualified practitioners from around the world, are working to deliver the most advanced, modern, integrative approach to therapeutic hypnosis, incorporating the latest concepts and principles of positive psychology, mind management training, hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques - Thus promoting helpful and healthy emotional/physical health and well-being. 

Our professional, certified hypnosis training courses are highly robust: Designed and taught by a team of some of the most highly trained and experienced clinical experts, hypnotherapy training teachers and advisors, in the field of clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Our key advisors and staff currently teach clinical hypnosis in medical schools, so you can be assured of the highest quality and the most advanced and up to date hypnotherapy training available anywhere. Our expert team have been designing and delivering clinical hypnosis courses to universities and medical schools for over 20 years. If you train with the ICCHP, then you can be assured that you are receiving exclusive knowledge, only available to ICCHP students.

Mind Body Therapeutics

ICCHP training incorporates the most modern hypnosis and psycho-therapeutic processes and techniques available today, including Integrating Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, rational emotive cognitive behavioural and practice based evidence approaches. All of our course content has just been updated in 2020, so students have access to the latest knowledge and research available. Our exclusive OneNote Hypnotherapy Practitioner application provides a complete automated digital knowledge base for students and practitioners, it includes all techniques, therapeutic processes, presenting conditions and treatment protocols, along with all client data forms and resources needed to assist and support you in practice.


Mind Body Health Practitioner - A New Career Path (Exclusive from the ICCHP)

In 2021, the ICCHP launched the new Mind Body Health Practitioner training programme. This new and exclusive career path for our students is part our evolution and innovation in mind body therapeutics for the 21st century. Practising hypnotherapists are now able to take their knowledge and training to a new level, differentiating themselves from the old fashioned traditional approaches of hypnotherapy. The programme is open to new students with no previous hypnotherapy training.


ICCHP Teachers and Key Advisors

Our training teachers and course content are selected to teach in medical schools and train future medical practitioners for good reason. Students will find that the ICCHP training is the most comprehensive hypnotherapy training available anywhere. As an ICCHP student you will receive the same high quality hypnotherapy training without having to complete any essays and exams like in medical school.


mind management trainingWe guarantee you won't find a more comprehensive and high quality course anywhere for the same costs.

Many of our students have attended most of the other hypnotherapy training courses offered elsewhere and tell us that our training offers so much more. Students who have trained elsewhere, can now have their previous training transferred into our courses at up to 50% off our course fees.

If you are considering hypnotherapy training, then we recommend that you invest your time and money wisely, from the start, and choose the best hypnotherapy training course that will deliver everything you need to be the best possible hypnotherapy practitioner. Not sure which course is right for you? Read our guide - Choosing the Best Hypnotherapy Course