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12 Day Practitioner Certificate Course


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Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate Course - LONDON

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Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Courses in the UK, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore & International

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The London UK based ICCHP (International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners) offers students several options to study clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy, enabling our students to professionally practice hypnotherapy. You can choose the best hypnotherapy course most suitable for your own professional and/or personal interests & needs. We offer an international online distance learning hypnotherapy practitioner course, as well as flexible classroom based hypnotherapy practitioner courses held in London and Leeds UK, Malaysia and Singapore, all which you can join any time.


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The International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners (ICCHP) welcomes you to explore and participate in the dynamic learning and teaching programme in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy that we offer. The ICCHP has developed a high quality range of hypnosis - hypnotherapy courses - distance learning & classroom based - focusing on the development of clinical skills required to practice in the real world, ethically with confidence and competence. The ICCHP offers a supportive and enjoyable student learning experience that is designed to nurture your skills. Through practical learning in a classroom environment, using safe psychotherapeutic hypnotic processes, coupled with virtual learning to build your knowledge base, the ICCHP has progressed beginners through to an advanced stage. 


Training Excellence in Integrative Evidence-Based Clinical Hypnosis & Mind Body Therapeutics

Whether you're just curious and want to learn about clinical hypnosis & hypnotherapy, or interested in becoming a practitioner, the ICCHP' highly experienced teaching team will help you on your way.

We provide online distance learning and classroom based certified hypnotherapy courses.

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Hypnotherapy Training - Practitioners Course Free Notebook

ICCHP Free Hypnotherapy eNotebook

ICCHP Practitioner students are given an electronic hypnotherapy notebook, which is a state of the art Android tablet computer containing all hypnotherapy learning resources, access to the ICCHP's prestigious online portal and exclusive access to the ICCHP's OneNote Hypnotherapy application. Classroom based practitioner students will be given the eNotebook as part of their PCHyp course* to use while learning hypnotherapy and when in practice.




Whether you wish to invest in a new career - add to your current hypnosis, clinical or therapeutic skills, or simply further your own self-development - the London UK based ICCHP offers a range of comprehensive hypnotherapy training courses for you. With study options designed to suit you, we provide a modern, flexible approach to learning hypnotherapy. We offer classroom based hypnotherapy courses in London UK and a practitioner course in Leeds West Yorkshire, as well as courses with Wawasan Open University in Malaysia and hypnotherapy practitioner courses in Singapore. We also offer a certified online international distance learning hypnotherapy training option with students enrolled from all over the world. 


ICCHP Hypnotherapy Course Study Options


  International Distance Learning Online Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course - from GBP £695 (US $849 | €795)


 London UK Classroom Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Courses - Starting from GBP £1495


 Leeds - West Yorkshire, UK Classroom Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course - Starting from GBP £1495


Performance Enhancement & Stress Reduction (PESR) Practitioner Course GBP £795


Classroom Courses in Singapore School of Clnical Hypnosis


 Classroom Courses in Malaysia Wawasan Open University


* Free Introduction *

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* Flexible Learning with No Time Limits *

* Fully Validated and Accredited Courses *

* Fully Evidence Based Learning & Practice *

* No Monthly Lock-in Payments or Additional Costs *

* Classroom & Online Distance Learning Options Available *

* Advanced, Modern & Dynamic Student Learning Experience *

* Hundreds of Hypnosis Techniques & Therapeutic Processes Taught *

* Access to Our Exclusive Learning & Practice Portal & Mobile Application *

* Learn from Some of the Most Experienced & Qualified Teaching Staff from Around the World *

* Guaranteed Most Comprehensive & Best Value for Money Hypnotherapy Course Available Anywhere *

* All Approaches Included (Direct/Ericksonian/Behavioural/Psychodynamic/Cognitive Behavioural *

* Lifetime Access to the ICCHP's Exclusive OneNote Practitioner Mobile Application *

* Lifetime Access to All Course Materials Including Future Updates *

* Programme Designed by Experienced Medical School Teachers *

* Practitioners Electronic Notebook Tablet Computer Included *

* Free Online Access to Exclusive Detox Your Mind Course *

* Beginner to Advanced Level Courses Available *

* Extensive Shared Online Knowledge Base *

* After Course Graduate Support Network *

* Attend a Free Taster Day/Weekend *

* Money Back Guarantee *


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Richard Hill Presents Ernest Rossi's Mirroring Hands

(New Additional Advanced Practitioner Day on 27 April)
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Free Mind Management Course Offer

All students signing up to the new hypnotherapy practitioner (PCHyp) course will receive free online access to the ICCHP's exclusive Detox Your Mind's Ultimate Mind Mangement course.

One of the most empowering skills to learn and develop is how to take control of one's own mind, freeing it from random negative thoughts leading to unhelpful and unwanted feelings and behaviours. This online Detox Your Mind course is designed to teach you how to achieve this control.

This course will teach you two time-tested mind management techniques that will help you to take control of your mind and improve both your mental and physical well-being.

This course is exclusive to the ICCHP, there is no other course like it.

All ICCHP practioner students will receive this online course free.

For more information: www.detoxyourmind.com

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We offer the best value for money Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Courses available anywhere. If you find a comparable, more comprehensive mind body therapeutics based course for less, we will refund the difference in course fees.