London Hypnotherapy Courses

UK Classroom Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Courses

The ICCHP offers you a range of learning and study options including both online hypnotherapy training and classroom based UK hypnotherapy practitioner courses. We teach you to become a confident, competent and safe hypnotherapy professional. Throughout your learning, you will be fully supported as you acquire new hypnotherapy skills. Your tutors are practising clinical hypnotherapists, with a wealth of clinical experience to share. ICCHP hypnotherapy training tutors also teach medical professionals and post-graduate students.

Completion of both the Practitioner Certificate (PCHyp) and Practitioner Diploma (PDHyp) enables professional registration with the UK General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). Practitioner Diploma (PDHyp) graduates are also eligible to join the UK Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which is recognised by the UK Department of Health (DOH) and the UK National Health Service (NHS). International student graduates are eligible to become members of the International Hypnotherapy Register (IHR). Your practitioner diploma is signed by Professor Ursula James, a prestigious award that you can be proud of achieving.

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