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Hypnotherapy course cost fees

We offer a range of course and the hypnotherapy training costs vary depending on how you choose to complete the course (per module for example - online or classroom based etc). You can enrol directly onto the free online hypnotherapy introductory course module through our learning portal at

No prerequisite is required to enrol onto our courses.

Students wishing to enrol onto any of the practical course modules or the 1 day workshops should enrol using the online booking portal here.

Once you enrol onto the Practitioner Certificate practical course, you will be asked to submit two personal references, and an interview with a course tutor will be arranged. (These are not a requirement for enrolment onto the free online introductory course module). ICCHP Practitioner students now receive a Free Electronic Hypnotherapy Notebook to help with their studies. 



Hypnotherapy Training Costs

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Classroom Based PCHyp & PDHyp Practitioner CoursesCourse Total (£)
Practitioner Certificate Course - PCHyp (6 Modules)£1495.00
Practitioner Diploma Course - PDHyp (6 Modules)£1495.00
Full Programme Costs - PCHyp & PDHyp (12 Modules)£2990.00
Individual Module Fee (if paid by instalments)£250.00


Online Distance Learning CHyp & DHyp Practitioner CoursesCourse Total (£)
Online Practitioner Certificate Course - CHyp (6 Modules)£695.00
 (USD $849/EUR €795)
Online Practitioner Diploma Course - DHyp (6 Modules)£695.00
  (USD $849/EUR €795)
Full Programme Costs - CHyp & DHyp (12 Modules)£1390.00
 (USD $1695/EUR €1495)
Individual Module Fee (if paid by instalments)£125.00
 (USD $159/EUR €149)


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Our Courses

Each individual practical course module fee is £250.00 (inclusive of VAT) payable on enrolment. Students are not required to pay total course fees up front. Each individual online distance learning practical course module fee is £125.00 (inclusive of VAT) payable on enrolment. Students are not required to pay total course fees up front.

The ICCHP total cost of hypnotherapy training tends to be 50% less than similar and equivalent programmes celsewhere, once you add in course, tutorial and exam fees.

No fee is payable to enrol onto the online portal, so students are able to complete the first online course module free of charge. Access to practical course resources, such as videos, practical notes and scripts are made available upon payment of course fees.

Tutors, mentors and clinical supervisor session fees (approximately £50 per hour) are arranged and paid direct to tutors and supervisors at the time of the session booking. These session can be held in person or online.

 Master classes and workshops are individually priced. One day classes are £125 and two day classes are £250. Discounts are available to ICCHP practitioner students and graduates.

 Individual one-on-one training is available for those wanting a more personal focused tuition.

 Please read our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Module Progression

Students enter the programme through the first course module and progress through to each module. Students complete Certificate Studies Modules 101, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205. Once students successfully complete all six certificate course modules they are eligible to enrol onto the Diploma Study Modules. Students then complete Diploma Studies Modules 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306.

Transfer and Advanced Standing Students

Students who have attended and completed other non ICCHP courses in clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy may be eligible to transfer into the ICCHP programme. Students will need to demonstrate that their training is at least equivalent to the prerequisite level for entry into the ICCHP programme level that they are applying to advance stand in. For example, a student wishing to advanced stand onto the Practitioner Diploma course will need to demonstrate that they have completed training equivalent to the ICCHP Practitioner Certificate course modules.The ICCHP normally recognises other programmes of study and training courses that have met the training requirements and standards set by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH), the UK Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and the International Hypnotherapy Register (IHR). Other courses and programmes of study will be evaluated on an individual basis. 

Current Practising Therapists

Current hypnotherapy practitioners who may want to enrol on the programme at any stage will have to fulfil the above requirements, or as a minimum, complete the assessment requirements of each module and progress as normal. Only one attempt at the module assessments is allowed per enrolled student. Therefore it is suggested that a review of the literature is made prior to any attempt at the assessments. Practical assessments can be fulfilled through classroom study or individual tutorial arrangements. Current practicing therapists will find the online distant learning course option invaluable.

Mind Body Relaxation & Immune Strengthening Mindfulness Process - COVID 19 Support

Mind Body Relaxation & Immune Strengthening Mindfulness Process for COVID -19 Infection


The ICCHP has developed an evidenced based Mind Body & Immune Strengthening Mindfulness Process and is making it freely available to anyone. This is designed to help patients suffering from Covid 19 and their families, who might find the process helpful in terms of encouraging stress reduction, stimulating the immune system and the body’s innate healing capabilities.There is a free audio recording available for everyone in the world to listen to on-line. There is a modifiable scripted protocol available for use by medical/healthcare practitioners worldwide.

It was developed following a randomised controlled trial (RCT) conducted in the Hainan General Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei, China from 1 January to 16 February 2020, demonstrating the Effects of progressive muscle relaxation on anxiety and sleep quality in patients with COVID-19.

Lui et al (2020) : Effects of progressive muscle relaxation on anxiety and sleep quality in patients with COVID-19, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, Volume 39, 101132.





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