Performance Enhancement Stress Reduction

PESR Practitioner Course

The PESR - performance enhancement stress reduction course, is one of the most unique, performance development, certified stress reduction hypnotherapy courses available in the world. The six day course makes up a complete programme of learning, leading to a Practitioner Certificate in Performance Enhancement & Stress Reduction (PESRCert). Successful completion of this 6 day course provides you with enough training which will allow you to begin practising as a Performance Enhancement & Stress Reduction (PESR) Practitioner. You will be eligible to use the PESRCert letters after your name and embark on an independent career in performance enhancement and stress management. Graduates are also eligible to apply their learning from this course and continue with further study of mind management or hypnopsychotherapy.


Course Topics:

            Understanding the Human Mind

            Stress Response Physiology

            Performance Conditioning

            Client Assessment & Case Strategy Planning

            Client Interaction

            Effective & Persuasive Communications

            Improving Confidence, Assertiveness & Self Acceptance

            Stress Reduction & Management

            Effective Mindfulness Techniques

            Improving Memory, Concentration, Focus & Enhance Learning

            Controlling Unhelpful Thinking, Restrictive Feelings & Unhelpful Habits

            Problem Solving & Solution Focussing

            Motivation Strengthening

            Promoting Natural Self Healing

            Performance Anxiety Reduction & Management (Public Speaking, etc.)

            The Inner Mind Coach Technique

            Performance Enhancement Techniques

            Business Performance

            Sports Performance

            Improving Sleep

            Creative Use of Sleep & Dreams

            Weight Control

            Dealing with Anger, Fear & Insecurity




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