Hypnotherapy Qualifications - Accreditations & Awards


Hypnosis qualifications

The ICCHP offers students a range of courses leading to specific qualifications, so that students can select the course which best fulfils their needs. Students planning on becoming professional hypnotherapy practitioners in the UK will start with the classroom based PCHyp and then go on to the PDHyp. Existing hypnotherapy practitioners looking to gain additional training and qualifications, or students outside the UK wanting to complete the ICCHP programme will start with the CHyp and then go on to the DHyp. Students who are not planning on becoming practitioners, or students just interested in learning more about hypnotherapy can enrol on our free theory course. Our master classes are open to all students and will appeal to those seeking additional knowledge and training, or those wanting to fulfil Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

ICCHP graduates are proud to receive their prestigious diplomas, signed by Professor Ursula James, Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford University Medical School.



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Hypnosis Diploma