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About ICCHP Hypnotherapy Training

Based in London, The International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners (ICCHP) offers worldwide teaching. We are always student focused, offering an online student learning and practice community, with global student and graduate forums where students can share and pool their knowledge and experience. Our online learning portal, accessible for those undertaking both classroom and online hynotherapy courses, where learning is available 24 hours a day can be accessed by computer, tablet or smart-phone. We also offer a free introductory hypnotherapy course module through our learning portal, giving everyone the chance to try out our practitioner and online course free - Nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

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Learning Hyponotherapy


The College prides itself on its breadth of hypnotherapy coverage and it is our aim to ensure that students graduate as confident hypnotherapists, happy utilising their hypnotherapy skills to effect positive change in their clients.

Our highly professional team of hypnotherapy teachers are happy to share their practical experience and knowledge. Classroom practitioner students have the opportunity to practice and develop hypnotherapy techniques, supported by tutors and additional online resources. Demonstrations and classroom videos are available online to those undertaking the classroom and online practitioner course options.

The ICCHP works closely with other hypnotherapy organisations, medical schools and professional hypnotherapy associations - ICCHP Affiliations & Accreditations.

The International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners (ICCHP) is a London based independent private educational establishment which aims to deliver the highest quality blended learning and teaching programme in clinical hypnosis/hypnotherapy and mind body therapeutics, to students around the world.


The ICCHP believes that by having students share their learning experiences with each other through an international online learning community, they gain a number of significant and advantageous benefits, which will enrich their overall learning experience.


Through its open and shared learning portal the ICCHP brings together students, teachers, mentors and practising therapists from around the world, so that theory, practice and experience are bridged, integrated and shared. Practitioner students using the portal have access to over 120 hours of video recordings of all classroom lectures, presentations, demonstrations and live patient treatment sessions. This is in addition to practical classroom course notes and hundreds of hypnotic scripts.


The ICCHP is continuously working with recognised independent professional bodies and standards agencies to ensure that our quality of teaching meets and exceeds the standards that our students expect from us. We want to assure our students of the highest level of integrity and professionalism in our teaching and in the hypnotherapy profession. The ICCHP is open to exploring the academic validation/accreditation of our programme with higher education institutes and independent professional bodies.