Experienced Hypnotherapists Who can Help

The ICCHP believes that by having students share their learning experiences with each other through an international online learning community, they gain a number of significant and advantageous benefits, which enriches their overall learning experience. The College prides itself on its breadth of hypnotherapy coverage and it is our aim to ensure that students graduate as confident hypnotherapists, happy utilising their hypnotherapy skills to effect positive change in their clients.

Aloysius Tay

A certified Counsellor and Life Coach, with a wealth of experience and skills in the field of therapeutic hypnosis.

Maria A. Martinez-Perez

I have been a practising hypnotherapist since 2012 helping my clients to realise their full potential in their lives. My background is in Law and Finance where I worked for almost 20 years.

Hypnotherapist Spencer Baldwin

I work with musicians, actors, sportspeople, opera singers, personal trainers and other performers with a range of psychological and emotional issues.

Kerry Welch

My approach is holistic and solution focused. Where necessary I may consider the root cause of the problem rather than the surface symptoms in order to bring about resolution to your problem

Sonia Morales

Stress Management, Confidence/Self- Esteem Building, Assertiveness Training, Relationship Issues, Parenting, Anxieties, Fears,Destructive Irrational Beliefs and Self Defeating Behaviors

Ray Appleby

I work in a solution-focused way, setting goals according to the client’s requirements. I am trained to use Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (RECBH), a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) combined with hypnotherapy.

Amanda Evans

Amanda works with an extensive array of issues, using both clinical hypnosis and counselling and has significant successes when helping people to release their own inner resources to overcome emotional difficulties and regain self-esteem and confidence

Gabriela Weiss

I deal with Stress Management, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Relationship issues, Couple and Marriage Counselling, Eating Disorders, Self Image Issues, Addictions

Gurdev Lota

I want to help you unlock the power of your mind and break free. Positive Change can be achieved by you right now!

Arya Ingvorsen

I employ a number of advanced hypnotherapy techniques, selecting the right one to help you, depending on your goals. I will always pay close attention to your needs and work at a pace suited to you.

Alyx Taylor

Alyx is an ICCHP tutor and senior lecturer in physiology at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic Bournemouth, a visiting research fellow at King’s College London and an honorary research associate at Imperial College London.

Kazlina Burroughs

I am a mind management consultant, who works in Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP and EFT. These therapies are so simple but so effective.

Daniela Weiss

I provide liveable options, actionable advice and tools as well as expertise to help make better choices for a healthier, happier life