Are you a highly trained practicing professional hypnotherapist?

Interested in working to help train, supervise & mentor student hypnotherapists?

Would you like to be part of an exciting approach to the learning & teaching of hypnotherapy? 


The ICCHP are seeking practising hypnotherapists to become regional tutors.

As part of the ICCHP's expansion we are looking for self motivated hypnotherapists who would be interested in promoting and teaching hypnotherapy in their area. Hypnotherapists should ideally have at least 5 years experience in the practice of hypnotherapy and be members of a recognised professional organisation. The tutor's role is to interface with assigned students and be able to teach students the practical skills associated with the ICCHP's practitioner certificate and diploma courses.



The ICCHP are seeking current hypnotherapy practitioners who would like to become regional tutors for the ICCHP hypnotherapy training programme.

The ICCHP is a London UK based private college that offers a comprehensive clinical hypnosis training programme. The programme and the staff have an outstanding pedigree in both the practice and the teaching of clinical hypnosis in the UK. Through our globally delivered on-line training we have been attracting students from all over the world and are now looking to be able to offer these students the same quality face to face training that our London based students receive. In order to do this, we are looking for self motivated practising hypnotherapists who would like to supplement their income by offering students in their area classroom based training and/or individual tutorial training sessions.


Tutors will work independent from the ICCHP as external contractors, but will be fully supported by the ICCHP training and administrative infrastructure. Similar to a franchise, tutors will be responsible for a self defined region. Within that region tutors are able to promote the ICCHP programme and run classes, workshops and tutorials under the ICCHP brand and retain all proceeds from these. The ICCHP will support tutors with learning material for both practical and theoretical training. The ICCHP has extensive knowledge in successful marketing and promotions and can support tutors interested in taking advantage of this and looking to expand the opportunity for themselves.


In order to ensure a high standard of quality in the delivery of our training, tutors will be required to have a minimum of 200 hours face to face training behind them and ideally at least 5 years experience as a practising hypnotherapist, along with being a current member of a recognised professional body in their country/state. In order to ensure the quality of delivery of the training, as a minimum, tutors must be prepared to purchase the ICCHP on-line distant learning practitioner courses and familiarise themselves with the course material by completing the course. This will allow the tutor to become a qualified ICCHP tutor, so that their students are eligible to achieve the same standard of qualification awarded to all ICCHP graduate students.


Specific regions of interest are Australia, Asia, India, Europe, South Africa, the United Kingdom (except London) and the United States.

For further information or to schedule a Skype or telephone call to discuss the opportunity further please email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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