Covid - 19 Situation Update - All Current Classes Are Taking Place Unless Otherwise Informed

Following today's (23 March 2020) announcement by the UK government to restrict public gatherings for at least 3 weeks, the ICCHP has postponed all classroom based teaching until after the Easter holidays (18 April 2020). The exact teaching dates will be rescheduled and published in the next few days and these dates will be subject to further change, if the situation continues beyond the Easter holidays.

First, please follow the latest UK Government and Department of Health Guidelines:

Here are my current proposals/suggestions and I welcome your input, as it is important that we are all part of the decision making and action that we take, the ICCHP courses are your courses, so your input is vital.

The PDHyp 306 diploma studies module last weekend was successfully presented through a virtual classroom and the students found it a positive and enjoyable experience. We will be exploring the possibility of delivering some of the future classrooms through the virtual classroom environment. We will be updating you on these developments in due course.

No matter what happens, the online portal is there for you, so you can always access your learning, classroom teaching videos, etc. at any time.

If you have any concerns or comments, then please telephone me or email me.

I wish you a safe, healthy and pleasant week.

Best wishes,


ICCHP Programme Director

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> London
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