Integrative Rapid Change Therapy

The ICCHP teaches its practitioner students the most advanced Integrative Rapid Change therapeutic approaches available today, along with important therapeutic skills, so that as practitioners they can specifically tailor treatments to ensure each individual client's positive transformation, empowerment and long-term psychological well-being. Whilst many traditional psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling approaches, still rely on problem based techniques and approaches, the ICCHP promotes the most modern solution based approaches that are supported by the latest scientific research, practice based evidence and clinical expertise.

The ICCHP team is made up of the most skilled clinical practitioners from a variety of backgrounds, with experience teaching clinical hypnosis in medical schools. If you are planning on investing your time and money on any hypnotherapy course, then you can try our course free in the first instance and be assured of our quality, backed up with hypnotherapy expertise and a money back guarantee.

Richard Hill Presents Ernest Rossi's Mirroring Hands

(New Additional Advanced Practitioner Day on 27 April)
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Free Mind Management Course Offer

All students signing up to the new hypnotherapy practitioner (PCHyp) course will receive free online access to the ICCHP's exclusive Detox Your Mind's Ultimate Mind Mangement course.

One of the most empowering skills to learn and develop is how to take control of one's own mind, freeing it from random negative thoughts leading to unhelpful and unwanted feelings and behaviours. This online Detox Your Mind course is designed to teach you how to achieve this control.

This course will teach you two time-tested mind management techniques that will help you to take control of your mind and improve both your mental and physical well-being.

This course is exclusive to the ICCHP, there is no other course like it.

All ICCHP practioner students will receive this online course free.

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We offer the best value for money Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Courses available anywhere. If you find a comparable, more comprehensive mind body therapeutics based course for less, we will refund the difference in course fees.