PCHyp Hypnotherapy Course Offer

Free eNotebook Tablet Computer Included

The ICCHP PCHyp hypnotherapy student offer provides an electronic hypnotherapy notebook for free! It is a state of the art Android tablet computer containing all hypnotherapy learning resources and exclusive access to the ICCHP's OneNote Hypnotherapy application. Upon completion PCHyp training course graduates also gain access to the ICCHP's prestigious hypnotherapist portal, where clients can book a hypnotherapy session online

Classroom based practitioner students will be given the eNotebook as part of their PCHyp course* to use while learning hypnotherapy and when in practice.

Free Hypnotherapy eNotebook

The ICCHP endeavours to be conscious of ethical and environmental considerations and has phased out the printing and issuing of paper based course notes. We want to encourage our students to share our vision, so all classroom based practitioner students will be issued with an ICCHP Hypnotherapy Electronic Notebook, an Android based 10 inch multimedia tablet computer, which is yours to keep.

The state of the art multimedia Lenovo Android based tablet computer will allow students access to the ICCHP's online hypnotherapy education portal containing all theory and classroom based practice notes and other learning resources. The tablet will also provide students with access to the exclusive ICCHP OneNote Hypnotherapy application, which can be used whilst training and also whilst in practice. The multimedia tablet can also be used for other applications like email, internet browsing and more.

The eNotebook will be issued to students paying the full PCHyp Certificate Course Fee. Students who have paid a discounted course fee, or by instalments and previous students/graduates can purchase the eNotebook for £149.00. The eNotebook is delivered to the student prior to the course and includes a full one year warranty, keyboard, protective case and stylus pen for note taking. Those students who already have a suitable tablet computer and do not need the ICCHP Electronic Notebook can use their existing device and will receive £149 off of the PCHyp course fee.