London Hypnotherapy College

The ICCHP London college of hypnotherapy evolved from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH), which was one of the oldest hypnotherapy training colleges' in the UK and internationally. Unfortunately, after the death of its Principal, Michael Joseph, the college was forced into administration due to insolvency; and so, the London College of Clinical Hypnosis could no longer continue business.

During the college's history it educated and produced many practicing hypnotherapists, as well as educating those who learn hynotherapy to establish their own clinical hypnosis training schools.

Tod Cury, Programme Director at the International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners (ICCHP), spent 7 years at the LCCH and was the Director of Academic Assessments at the LCCH, overseeing the implementation of the collaborative partnership with the University of West London (previously Thames Valley University).

Another ICCHP key advisor, Professor Ursula James, led the LCCH during its most successful time and was instrumental in establishing the LCCH as one of the most successful hypnotherapy training colleges. Professor James also instigated the London College of Clinical Hypnosis' accreditation with the University of Greenwich in London.

The International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners (ICCHP) was established in order to deliver the best hypnotherapy training available. The knowledge and experience gained from time at the LCCH and listening to the feedback of 1000's of students over 20 years, has allowed the ICCHP to design and deliver on its goal of providing the best hypnotherapy training courses available anywhere.