Webcast Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Advanced Course - DHyp - £1095

On March 05, 2022

Practitioner Diploma in Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapy (DHyp)




6 Module Advanced Hypnotherapy Course

The ICCHP offers students a range of certified hypnotherapy qualifications, allowing them to become a professional hypnotherapist upon their completion of the course. We provide a range of courses leading to specific qualifications, so that students can select the course which best fulfils their needs. The DHyp is a recognised qualification and graduates are eligible to join the IHR. The DHyp training course is assessed and validated by International Certification Council (ICC) and accredited by the International Hypnotherapy Register (IHR) - an internationally recognised hypnotherapy standards body awarding an international qualification.

This hybrid webcast hypnotherapy course is the London based classroom course delivered live, direct from our classroom in London and will appeal to students wanting to attend our live classroom training without leaving their home. The hypnotherapy course is modular, so students can attend and pay module by module on a pay as you go basis.

  • This course is delivered direct from our live London classroom teaching, so you will experience a live interactive classroom setting, observing and participating in live demonstrations and practise of the techniques taught by our highly experienced tutors.

  • You will receive everything that our classroom based students receive, except for actually being there in the classroom in person.

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12 days of Online Classroom Training

6 Hypnotherapy Practice Modules (2 days each)



Advanced Hypnotherapy Practice (5 - 6 March 2022)

Advanced Hypnotherapy Application (2 - 3 April 2022)

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Practice (7 - 8 May 2022)

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Application (11 - 12 June 2022)

Integrative Hypnotherapy Practice (2 - 3 July 2022)

Evidence-based Hypnotherapy Practice (23 - 24 July 2022)


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  • International certification Council ICC

  •  British Psychological Society BPS
  • International Hypnotherapy Register IHR

  • International Association of Counselors & Therapists IACT

As the UK officially recognised professional bodies like the CNHC and the GHR, require students to attend 120 hours of face to face physical practice, you will still be able to obtain the International Hypnotherapy Register (IHR) recognised qualification.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you can find a similar course for less money we will refund the difference in course fees.


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