ICCHP Hypnotherapy Training

The ICCHP offers students a range of courses leading to specific qualifications, so that students can select the course which best fulfils their needs. Students planning on becoming professional hypnotherapy practitioners in the UK will start with the classroom based PCHyp and then go on to the PDHyp. Existing hypnotherapy practitioners looking to gain additional training and qualifications, or students outside the UK wanting to complete the ICCHP programme will start with the CHyp and then go on to the DHyp. Our master classes are open to all students and will appeal to those seeking additional knowledge and training, or those wanting to fulfil Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

ICCHP graduates are proud to receive their prestigious diplomas, signed by Professor Ursula James, Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford University Medical School.

ICCHP Hypnotherapy Training Students


PCHyp Practitioner Certificate coursePCHyp

This Practitioner Certificate course is classroom and online based and includes the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  2. Introduction to Hypnotherapy Practice
  3. Behavioural Hypnotherapy Practice
  4. Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy Practice
  5. Indirect Conversational (Erickson) Hypnotherapy Practice
  6. Applied Hypnotherapeutics

The PCHyp is undertaken both digitally online and in the classroom. Upon completion, clinical practice can be commenced under the supervision of a clinical supervisor or mentor. With a PCHyp, you will be able to practice as a ‘student’ practitioner of hypnotherapy, as a student member of the GHR and/or IHR.

You are also eligible to take the advanced PDHyp course to expand your hypnotherapy horizons, which most students go on to do.



The PDHyp includes the following modules:

  1. Advanced Hypnotherapy Practice
  2. Advanced Hypnotherapy Application
  3. Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (RECBH) Practice
  4. Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour (RECBH) Application
  5. Clinical Assessment & Integrated Approaches
  6. Evidence-based Therapeutic Hypnosis

The PDHyp broadens your hypnotherapy skills as you learn advanced hypnotherapy techniques such as Brief Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (BSFH), Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT) and Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (RECBH). Students will explore other aspects of the human condition such as Quantum Psychology, working on complex case studies, etc.

The PDHyp is a recognised full professional qualification. Students will have earned enough classroom teaching hours to qualify for full GHR, IHR and CNHC registration.


Hypnotherapy Diploma

CHyp & DHyp

The CHyp and DHyp courses are the online versions of the PCHyp and the PDHyp, which includes all of the same features, except for the classroom learning component.

The CHyp and DHyp will appeal to currently qualified therapeutic hypnosis practitioners looking to expand their learning or meet their requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). These courses will also appeal to international students unable to attend UK based classroom training.

CHyp and DHyp is a recognised qualification and graduates are eligible to join the IHR.


Clinical Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Master Classes

The ICCHP offers a range of specialist master classes available through online learning and/or classroom based. These can be applied to fulfil Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements or to add to your skills and knowledge.

Hypnosis Diploma