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Building Your Practice Master Class

Building Your Practice Master Class

Start Date:
Apr 21, 2018
Finish date:
Apr 21, 2018
87.50 GBP



This master class will provide you with information and ideas to help get you started in practice as a hypnotherapist and also inform you how to build your practice ongoing, which could be one of the most difficult challenges you may face as a hypnotherapist. Learning from others who have been through these challenges will help you to overcome these and plan your growth in practice.


Topics Covered Include

Preparing a Practice Business Plan

  • What am I trained in, competent, confident and comfortable to offer as a service to clients? What are my skills? How to use these effectively.
  • Target and types of clients? Thinking outside of the traditional box.
  • Locations:
  • Where to practice?
  • Competition?
  • Using Skype with clients.
  • Setting up a website.
  • Financial considerations. What to charge? What can I afford?
  • Financial planning and budgeting.
  • Branding or not?
  • Business structure. Sole trader or company?

 Administration, Recordkeeping, Legal & Data Protection

  • Forms, client information sheets.
  • Storing records - paper and electronic.
  • Book-keeping (excel spreadsheets provided).
  • Ethics & conduct (GHR, CNHC).
  • Stationary & printed material.
  • Insurance.

 Marketing, Promotions & Advertising

  • How to obtain clients. Networking (making the right friends). Private/NHS.
  • How to obtain referrals (secret to future growth).
  • Organising group talks. TV, radio, press exposure opportunities.
  • Using social media.
  • How to use and set up a Facebook ad.
  • How to use and set up a Google Adwords ad.
  • CNHC/GHR guides and guidelines.

 ICCHP and External Resources Available

  • Online access resources.
  • Website hosting/development.
  • Courses/subscriptions/CPD.
  • Online support groups.
  • What to watch out for and avoid, save your money! One mistake like signing up for a special offer deal to put you on a list will cost you more than this master class. How to spot and avoid these scams will save you money.


Much more will be presented and provided. All your questions, worries and concerns answered.


Master Class Presenter

This master class will be presented by Tod Cury who is program director of ICCHP, supported by an excellent team of hypnotherapy training teachers. Tod has a wealth of experience with the challenges setting up and managing a successful hypnotherapy practice. Tod started practicing part time, whilst in full time employment, building his competencies, confidence and practice over time, eventually making the decision to practice full time, achieving a successful London based hypnotherapy practice for the past 15 years. Tod remembers a therapist in private practice telling him that for each year in practice you can expect to fill up a days diary of appointments, so expect it to take 5 years to keep you busy 5 days a week. Tod found that he was (and still is) always busy, but working smart, effective, efficient and thinking outside the box helps to do this with less stress, worries and concern.


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