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Current 6 Module Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

Start Date:
Apr 27, 2019
Finish date:
Sep 29, 2019
1495.00 GBP


The Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (PDHyp) is a six module course that introduces you to advanced concepts, principles and skills required to treat more complex medical and psychological conditions. Upon completion of this course you will be able to practice hypnotherapy independently, although access to clinical supervision and mentoring is still available if required

Each of the six modules covers specific advanced hypnotherapy topics, which build upon your existing knowledge and skills. The first module introduces you to therapeutic intervention techniques based on brief solution focused hypnotherapy, along with eye movement and ego state approaches. In the second module you will learn about applying these treatment approaches to a variety of complex conditions such as trauma, abuse, terminal illness and bereavement. The third and fourth modules are focused on learning the process and methodology of Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (RECBH) and its application in the treatment of any belief based condition that you will encounter in everyday practice. The fifth module presents an integrated approach to treatment, looking at real life case study examples of how you can integrate all of the different approaches to improve client success. The final module introduces evidence-based practice concepts for the practising hypnotherapist.

This 12 day practical course offers you an opportunity to practice the techniques that you have learned and you get to share your experiences and interface with other students. During the course you will be taught, coached and supported during your practice, once you have passed your six online course components you will be awarded the advanced Practitioner Diploma (PDHyp) in Integative Evidence-based Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Hypnotic scripts and video demonstrations of the techniques from the course modules will also be made available to you indefinitely with no time limits.


Course Modules Included


    • Advanced Hypnotherapy Practice (27 - 28 April 2019)

    • Advanced Hypnotherapy Application (1 - 2 June 2019)

    • Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Practice (22 - 23 June 2019)

    • Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Application (20 - 21 July 2019)

    • Integrative Hypnotherapy Practice (14 - 15 September 2019)

    • Evidence-based Hypnotherapy Practice (28 - 29 September 2019)




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