Leeds Hypnotherapy Practitioner Courses


Certified Training Courses for Students in Leeds & West Yorkshire

The ICCHP hypnotherapy practioner training courses in Leeds are for students that wish to obtain a certified diploma qualification recognised worlwide.

The hypnotherapy diploma courses in Leeds are the same as our practitioner training courses in London. The Leeds  Course is held at Weetwood Hall, Leeds, West Yorkshire from 10AM to 6:30PM.


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The ICCHP Teaches Our Students to Make a Difference in Helping Themselves and Others to Improve Their Lives and Well-being


As Part of Our 'Making a Difference' Initiate Students Who Enrol on the Leeds or London UK 12 Day Practitioner Certificate Course will also Receive:


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And as a Post Lockdown Thank You to Healthcare, Key Workers and Volunteers the ICCHP Would like to Make a Difference and Provide You with an Additional 10% Discount Off Our Course Fees




hypnotherapy training notebookICCHP practitioner students are given an electronic hypnotherapy notebook to access our online portal FREE

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PCHyp - 12 Day Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate Course Leeds - £1495

Beginning on September 12th 2020

This training course provides the opportunity to practice the techniques we teach as well as share your experiences, knowledge and interface with other students.

You will be taught, coached and supported throughout.

Once you have passed the 6 online course components you will be awarded the Practitioner Certificate (PCHyp) in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. 

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4 Day Hypnotherapy Practitioner Entry Level Course - £500

Become a Trainee Hypnotherapist

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Completing this entry level course will provide you with enough knowledge to treat clients with basic therapeutic needs and start helping others. 

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2 Day Introductory Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Course - £250

Decide if Hypnotherapy is Your Future

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. An opportunity to experience hypnotherapy first hand and decide if it is your future...

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Free Hypnotherapy Introduction Day

Students Can Attend a One Day Free Hypnotherapy Class

We offer free hypnotherapy classes to those who have an interest and wish to learn hypnotherapy.

If interested in further training after the free class, you will have an option to continue training and become a qualified hypnotherapist with the ICCHP, by attending the following day of training, along with the remainder of the 12 day current practitioner course.

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Rev. Lawrence Sugden

Preacher - USA

I have trained with several organizations that provide instruction in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The ICCHP courses are far superior in so many aspects. I found the courses challenging and comprehensive. The first module provides a great foundation, and serves as a springboard for the more advanced studies in the certificate and diploma courses. Unlike other courses that focus on history or hypnosis inductions, the ICCHP provides in-depth studies in a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has interest in hypnotherapy as a career.

Mike H

Physiotherapist Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course. I now have a greater understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and this has been a great tool that I can now utilise as I get my practical training to become a clinical hypnotherapist. I recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of taking up this profession or indeed has an interest in learning more about this fascinating subject.

 T. Donoho

Certified Addictions Counselor & Mental Health Professional

I really enjoyed the online diploma course.  It was well-prepared and well-presented--the reading materials were comprehensive and relevant, and the assignments showed the student how to put the principles and theories of hypnosis into actual practice.  This course required me to think, to research and to assess and apply what was presented in the lessons for review by fellow students at the school's forum. This course gave attention to important topics that other courses miss - topics that are essential to understanding how hypnosis is applied as a therapy and how it is applied in a practice setting.  I am using what I have learned in this course in my counseling work and have reviewed the content of the lessons now and then - I consider them a resource. I enjoyed my interaction with several students. Completing this course was an accomplishment which will aid me as a professional.

Daniel Quinn


I found the online Diploma course to be a fascinating and well-conceived series of modules. I was encouraged to delve deeply into many different topics and develop my own viewpoints on potential treatments and expected outcomes. I will definitely recommend it to others.

A. Bhana

New Zealand

My goal is to work in personal and professional development, working with individuals (especially women and children). I had previously completed my NLP Master Practitioner certification, which had only just touched on Hypnotherapy, but left me doubtful of my competence in using it.  This training course has been great for preparing me for that environment.  It was really inspiring and I have noticed a difference in my outlook and it is transforming who I am. Because I work full-time, I needed to find a training organisation that would fit in with my existing profession. This was definitely achieved with ICCHP.  

I really enjoyed being able to share with like-minded people, and learning new skills; every one brought different aspects to the course, and the forum discussions and case studies pulled it all together for me. It was quite intensive at times, and occasionally challenging, but always enjoyable. I was able to gain confidence and expertise in a supportive environment, without fear of being judged; the learning curve was sometimes steep, but always interesting and stimulating. I appreciate the modular nature of the course, which allowed my learning to be a journey.

It is without doubt the best course that I could have chosen. The range of induction techniques and therapies are undoubtedly wide range and comprehensive. The content exceeded my expectations and the course covered a lot of subjects and problems that I could potentially see clients for. The Diploma case studies were a big part of the journey for me. They crystallized the overall learning and helped me bring forth my knowledge. By the end of the course I’ve had a thorough grounding in the subject – with a particular focus on Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

But even for those who do not look for a career in hypnotherapy, the course is a fantastic way of gaining the benefits of practicing hypnosis for personal benefits and to help friends and loved-ones. I highly recommend this training course. Anyone who graduates from this training program will definitely have the tools and resources to be competent in this field. I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing opportunity to walk safely into a new, fascinating dimension. Thanks so much. It was a great investment of my time and mind!"

UK Practitioner Courses (12 Days)

Be a Practising Hypnotherapist

Become a UK Registered Practitioner

LONDON - Commencing 26 September 2020

LEEDS - Commencing 12 September 2020

Course Fee £1495 (Payment Options Available)

Trainee Practitioner Course (4 Days)

Become a Trainee Hypnotherapist

Start Helping Others

LONDON - Commencing 26 September 2020

LEEDS - Commencing 12 September 2020

Course Fee £500 (Payment Options Available)

UK Introductory Course (2 Days)

Learn About Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Decide if Hypnotherapy is Your Future

LONDON - Commencing 26 September 2020

LEEDS - Commencing 12 September 2020

Course Fee £250