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Hypnotherapy Training CoursesLooking for a top quality hypnotherapy course recognised in the UK, Europe or internationally? We provide a range of clinical hypnotherapy courses, in the classroom and online. Both our classroom and  online hypnotherapy courses enable ICCHP students to become a certified & recognised hypnotherapist.

With  a comprehensive selection of certified hypnotherapy training courses on offer, you will be able to find the best hypnotherapy course for you, suitable for your own professional and/or personal interests & needs.

Whether you wish to invest in a new career - add to, and/or, upgrade your hypnosis training - develop additional clinical or therapeutic skills, or simply further your own self-development - the ICCHP presents to you the best value for money courses and the most comprehensive hypnotherapy training available anywhere.

We offer classroom based hypnotherapy courses in London UK and Yorkshire UK, as well as courses worldwide at the Wawasan Open University Malaysia and the Singapore School of Hypnosis. All of which you can join anytime!  We also offer an international online certified hypnotherapy practitioner course and a range of online hypnotherapy masterclasses with practising hypnotherapists enrolled from all over the world.

♦ ICCHP's 'Making a Difference' Hypnotherapy Training Initiative ♦

The ICCHP is Committed to Making a Difference

Students Who Enrol on the Singapore, Yorkshire or London UK 12 Day Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate Course will also Receive:

As a Thank You to Healthcare, Key Workers & Volunteers the ICCHP Would like to Make a Difference and Provide You with a 10% Discount Off Our Course Fees


UK Classroom Training Recommences October & September

Singapore Classroom Training Has Now Recommenced


Please Join Our Free Online Weekly Classroom Sessions Covering All Hypnotherapy Topic


  • Lifetime Access to Our Exclusive Learning/Practice Portal, Course Materials & Mobile Application - Free Ongoing Graduate Support

  • All Hypnotherapeutic & Psychotherapeutic Techniques & Approaches Taught - Learn Advanced, Modern & Dynamic Hypnotherapeutic Techniques (Direct | Indirect | Conversational | Erickson | Psychodynamic |Analytical | Behavioural | Solution Focused | Integrative | Evidence-based & Psychotherapeutic Processes (Mindfulness | CBT | REBT | CET - Complex Emotional Transformation Therapy)

  • Access to the Most Extensive Online Shared Hypnotherapy Knowledge Base

  • Free Graduate Practitioner Listing on Our Global eTherapy Practitioners Website - Your Practice is Up and Running Once You Graduate

  • Free Introduction | Taster Day

  • Full Money Back Guarantee

  • Fully GHSC, GHR, CNHC, IHR & ICC Validated Accredited Training Courses

  • Flexible Learning with No Time Limits - Start Your Learning Today with Our Free Online Introductory Course

  • No Monthly Lock-in Payments or Additional Costs

  • Flexible Payment Terms & Financial Assistance Available

  • Classroom & Online Distance Learning Hypnotherapy Course Options

  • Earn a Prestigious Award to Be Proud of (Diploma Signed by Professor Ursula James)

  • Free Practitioner's Electronic Notebook Tablet Computer Included

  • Free Online Access to Exclusive Courses & Discounted Upgrades

  • Unlimited Access to Over 200 Hours of Video Content

  • Unlimited Access to Over 5,000 Online Pages of Content

  • No Stressful Examinations or Essays to Complete

  • Free Unlimited Re-attendance to Any Future Classroom Sessions

  • Beginner to Advanced Level Courses

  • Learn from Some of the Most Experienced & Qualified Teaching Staff Worldwide

Unique Post Graduate Support

online therapy portal

The ICCHP is unique in providing access to modern secure technology, helping our graduate students to deliver e-Therapy sessions online and start taking appointments without the costs involved with setting up a private clinic.

ICCHP Certified Hypnotherapy Courses & Study Options

Classroom Based Hypnosis Courses in Amsterdam & Spain Coming Soon!

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Classroom Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course

From £250

Classroom Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course

From £250

Performance Enhancement Coaching & Stress Reduction Practitioner Course


Distance Learning Online Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

From £695

Online Hypnotherapy Masterclasses

From £87.50

Classroom Courses in Singapore

SGD 2,900

Classroom Courses in Penang Malaysia

Learn Hypnotherapy in the UK

My training at ICCHP has been invaluable. Finally I feel I've the proper training to work with clients. I had trained for 2yrs with a reputable school, prior to joining the ICCHP, and developed good skilful means: But I didn’t really know what I was doing. The support at ICCHP is endless & the growth as an individual has been worth every penny.

Sonia Morales, PDHyp Graduate
UK Hypnotherapy Training College

The ICCHP offers all students the possibility to do the course work at their own pace. I feel so happy that I decided to start studying with the ICCHP 2 years ago; although I had received prior training in hypnotherapy from two other schools, I still learned so much more from attending this course. 

Maria Martinez Perez, PDHyp Graduate
Performance Enhancement Practitioner

I found the whole subject of clinical hypnotherapy absolutely fascinating. The overall standard at the ICCHP is outstanding, all the college staff are highly experienced therapists as well as tutors. If you are seriously considering studying hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the London area you will not find a better college that the ICCHP.

Spencer Baldwin, PDHyp Graduate
Hypnotherapy Training Tutors

The ICCHP - International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy - provides good solid, evidence based teaching from experienced, knowledgeable teachers. Practice and theory are taught in a friendly, supportive and generous manner. The ICCHP is a fantastic place to learn and a great group to practice with.

Jane Miller, PDHyp Student Graduate

Training Excellence in Integrative Evidence-Based Clinical Hypnosis & Mind Body Therapeutics

The ICCHP presents a real evolution in hypnotherapy and are redefining hypnotherapy and therapeutic hypnosis training for the 21st century.

Our professional, certified hypnosis training courses are highly robust: Designed and taught by a team of some of the most highly trained and experienced clinical experts, hypnotherapy training teachers and advisors, in the field of medical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Our key advisors and staff currently teach clinical hypnosis in medical schools, so you can be assured of the highest quality and the most advanced and up to date hypnotherapy training available anywhere. Our expert team have been designing and delivering clinical hypnosis courses to universities and medical schools for over 20 years. If you train with the ICCHP, then you can be assured that you are receiving exclusive knowledge, only available to ICCHP students.

No other hypnotherapy training course or course provider can offer you the depth of knowledge and experience in therapeutic hypnosis that the ICCHP are able to offer.

Our fully certified hypnosis training courses incorporate all hypnotherapeutic approaches including Direct Suggestion - Indirect/Conversational (Ericksonian) - Behavioural - Psychodynamic - Advanced Hypnopsychotherapy - Integrative - Evidence Based and Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy. Altogether, offering the most comprehensive range of professional, certified hypnotherapy courses. With study options designed to suit you, we provide a modern, dynamic, flexible approach to learning hypnotherapy.


UK Practitioner Courses (12 Days)

Be a Practising Hypnotherapist

Become a UK Registered Practitioner

LONDON - Commencing 24 October 2020

YORKSHIRE - Commencing 17 October 2020

Course Fee £1495 (Payment Options Available)

Trainee Practitioner Course (4 Days)

Become a Trainee Hypnotherapist

Start Helping Others

LONDON - Commencing 24 October 2020

YORKSHIRE- Commencing 17 October 2020

Course Fee £500 (Payment Options Available)

UK Introductory Course (2 Days)

Learn About Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Decide if Hypnotherapy is Your Future

LONDON - Commencing 24 October 2020

YORKSIRE- Commencing 17 October 2020

Course Fee £250